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Body art training is Australian owned 
established in 1994 in Melbourne, Victoria. During this time piercing grew quickly into a mainstream popular practice. 


The founder undertook many experiences of "training" both in Australia and the USA and realised that a formalised and thorough educational program was desperately needed for professionals wishing to become body Piercers. Having had 20 years experience in tertiary and secondary education Pam put together the accredited certificate training course in accordance with the State Training Board Of Victoria. This course is now known and recognised nationally. Richard the Director has had Training With Fakir Musafar and Met with Jim Ward founder of the Gauntlet and has been involved in body piercing and tattooing for over 15 years.


Over 2000 professionals from all over Australia have completed the accredited training program. For a full information package with course content, places, times and costs, contact us on 1300 552 044.  


Train in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth, Adelaide. We are constantly looking for models to be pierced by our trainees. These trainees have an experienced instructor with them at all times.


If you are a piercing enthusiast, but don't like to outlay the BIG dollars, then becoming a model for us is a MINIMAL COST and safe alternative for you. 
The cost is only $30 for trainee piercings. 
If you would like to be a model at our next training session in your capital city, please call 1300 552 044 to be registered. We will contact you to organise your appointment time. (Please note that you must be 16 years of age or older or have parental consent or a parent to be present and have
photo Id).


Specialist course in body piercing

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